The safety of students, driving instructors and respective families is our number one priority at South Downs Driving School.  To that end, we have implemented the following precautions, procedures and risk assessments to do our very best to prevent Covid-19 entering the car and possibly being transmitted.

With immediate effect the following changes will be implemented before, during and after driving lessons.  These changes are non negotiable and failure to comply will result in lessons being cancelled or stopped and the fee forfeited.

Before Your Driving Lesson

  • You MUST have completed, signed and returned the Student Risk Assessment which your instructor will email you at time of booking.
  • You MUST inform your driving instructor at the earliest possibility if you are isolating because you have Covid-19 symptoms or you have been in contact with someone with symptoms.
  • If you are showing signs of ANY illness (even those not thought to be symptoms of Covid-19), please contact your driving instructor asap to discuss the forthcoming lesson.
  • You MUST thoroughly wash your hands, wrists and under fingernails just before you leave for your lesson.  
  • If you have long hair, please tie it up.
  • Your driving instructor will thoroughly clean the car after they exit but before you enter with an anti-viral solution.  Please be patient and wait for this to be completed.  It may take a few minutes.  It is for your safety.
  • Weather permitting, the pre-lesson discussions and lesson plans for the lesson will be done outside of the car or inside with doors remaining open.
  • Your instructor will ask a series of questions relating to your health and contact with others. Please answer them honestly.  You will be asked to sign the document.

During Your Lesson

  • Before touching anything, you will be asked to use antiviral alcohol gel on your hands.  This will be provided by your instructor and they will dispense it.  
  • You MUST wear a FRESH (either new or very recently washed) mask covering your mouth and nose during your lesson.  If you don't have one, or come to your lesson without one, your driving instructor will be able to supply one at a cost of £3.50 which will be invoiced for bank transfer that day.
  • ONLY if you have a valid medical reason for not wearing a mask will this be permitted and you should advise your instructor in advance.
  • Wearing glasses is NOT a reason not to wear a mask, so please explore ways of preventing glasses misting up prior to your lesson.
  • Windows will remain open during the lesson and air conditioning will not be used.  Therefore please think about what clothing you will be most comfortable in with windows open.
  • DO NOT bring excessive possessions with you.  If you do need a phone, keys etc, they can NOT be put in door pockets, cup holders, dash pockets etc.  Ideally they must remain on you (pockets, not lap) or should be in a small bag which will be put in a tray in the boot.  The instructor will have their mobile phone in case of any emergency.
  • Wearing gloves is not compulsory but you may wear them if you wish, however they must not hinder your control of the car and you will need to provide them.  If you do wear gloves, they MUST be new and clean and should be disposed of immediately after your lesson.

After your Lesson

  • You should thoroughly wash your hands, wrists and under fingernails at the earliest opportunity (even if you wore gloves).
  • It is advisable that your clothing is washed at the earliest opportunity and if you have long hair, (even if tied up) that you wash it if it has had prolonged contact with the seat.
  • All areas of the car will be thoroughly cleaned upon your exit and before the instructor enters.
  • If you experience Covid-19 symptoms, come into contact with anyone who has Covid-19 or it's symptoms or are contacted by NHS Test & Trace within 14 days of your lesson, you MUST let your instructor know immediately.