Driving Test Assessment

Not everyone chooses to learn to drive with a Driving Instructor.  Some learn with parents, family or friends, and so long as they've been driving for a minimum of 3 years, are over 21, hold a UK driving license for the transmission you are learning on (manual or automatic) and of course the car is correctly insured, that's absolutely fine.


  • Do they know the criteria of the UK driving test?
  • Do they know how the test is marked and the difference between minor, serious and dangerous faults?
  • Do they know how the test is conducted?
  • Are they able to give you a realistic Mock Test?
  • Are they in a position to give you an honest, experienced and qualified opinion on the safety level of your driving?
  • Are they able to confidently say you are "Test Ready"* and able to drive safely, not just for the test, but for the rest of your driving career?

The current waiting time for a driving test is upwards of 22 weeks, so when test day comes, you want to maximise your chances of passing it.  South Downs Driving School are offering a Driving Test Assessment which is two and a half hours long and will include:

  • A mock test from or very close to a test centre (usually Chichester)**.
  • Emergency Stop
  • 4 x reverse manoeuvres required for the test
  • A period of driving using a SatNav
  • A period of driving following road signs
  • Random questions from the Show Me/Tell Me question list

At the end of the session, your instructor will discuss the outcome of the assessment and make any necessary recommendations.  These may include:

  • Hints and tips for self managed minor improvement
  • The option of driving lessons to work on areas that need significant improvement.
  • An offer to conduct additional mock tests once improvements have been made.
  • Depending on when your test date is, advice on what to do if your driving is a long way off the standard required to pass the test and remain safe afterwards should you pass.

Please be advised that the Driving Test Assessment will be conducted in the Instructors dual controlled manual transmission car.

* Please note that "Test Ready" does not mean you are guaranteed to pass your driving test as this is based solely on your performance on the driving test.

** If it is apparent from the drive to the test centre area that a mock test would not be safe to conduct, this will be discussed and the remainder of the time will be used to give coaching/support to improve your driving skills.