Elaine Corbett says:
Good news, I passed my test this morning. Thanks for all your help and advice and being an awesome instructor.

Miranda Aitchison says:
Thank you so much for today. It has made my whole year passing! You really restored my confidence and changed the way I approached driving, after having an instructor who didn't make me feel confident! It meant so much to walk away with that certificate so thank you for making that possible.

Sue Adsett says:
I would definitely recommend Janet to anyone wanting to learn to drive or have refresher lessons. Whilst I have been driving for well over forty years I had lost my nerve about town and motorway driving, particularly merging on to motorways and dual carriageways. Janet's calm, patient manner and her quiet, business-like approach to teaching was exactly what I needed to restore my confidence. After two hours with Janet I was already feeling much more positive about driving, and after another couple of lessons, one of them driving round the M25 and up the M40 I felt my confidence had really increased.

Monica La Marfa says:
Janet is an amazing instructor!!! I was afraid of driving and had many obstacles to overcome. It was a very challenging process and Janet has made it a lot easier for me to cope with it.
She was amazing and kept me calm through the whole process, went to the trouble of working out how best she could help me overcome my fears and turned our lessons from scary to a lot of fun.
It's only thanks to Janet that I've managed to pass and feel comfortable behind the wheel.

Marcus Hatton says:
Thank you, Janet, for teaching me to drive! Janet was very patient and calm in her teaching manner, flexible with scheduling lessons, punctual for lessons and tests, but most importantly good company and fun to be around throughout the many hours driving! Highly recommended

Alice Sandeman-Allen says:
Janet was absolutely amazing. I’d never even sat in a driving seat before and I had a lot of anxiety at the start but Janet handled it really well. I felt at ease, being able to choose what we did each lesson really helped with my progress. Janet has the patience of a saint! I totally enjoyed my lessons and I honestly don’t think I would have passed without her. Would highly recommended Janet.

Jono Spandley says: "Brilliant!" 
I started having lessons with Janet after not being able to get more lessons with my previous instructor, so I had some hours in the car already.
Janet has such a calming and adaptive teaching style which makes you feel comfortable in the car and also helps you work on every aspect of driving whether it’s something new or something you personally want to practice.
I can not fault a single thing and wish I had learnt with Janet from the start! 
Highly recommended!

Eleanor Kettle says:
Thank you so much for all the fantastic lessons.  I feel wonderfully prepared for being let loose on the roads thanks to your calm lessons.

Emily Rose Burt says: "Fantastic lessons"
I cannot recommend Janet highly enough, especially if you are nervous about driving.  Janet is friendly, supportive and patient and I really enjoyed my lessons with her. She moved lessons along at a steady pace in which you are most comfortable and always takes into consideration any concerns you may have and helps you overcome them.

Thank you so much for helping me pass first time and for your fantastic lessons! I couldn't have asked for a better instructor.

Adam Smith says: "5 out of 5!"
Overall I would rate Janet a 5 as an instructor, I felt very safe being in the car with her as I knew she was always ready to take action if necessary if a situation presented itself. I enjoyed the client based approach as it made me feel like I could do things the way in which I wanted, I think this is really important as a learner because it makes you feel much more comfortable when learning something for the first time. I enjoyed driving Janet’s car. I believe that it is a perfect size for a first car to learn to drive in because its not too small and not too big. The car was always very clean whenever I got in. The car was very comfortable and very smooth to drive, being a 1.4 meant that you could accelerate easily away from junctions but still feel in control. I would definitely recommend the two week intensive course. Thank you Janet for helping me to pass my test.

Henry Cruickshank says "Highly Recommended"
Janet was a fantastic teacher, very thorough and patient, explaining manoeuvres in an easy and understanding manner. The Client Centred system was great, the DVD and book were very useful in between lessons to recap and then to learn about and prepare for the next lesson. I felt I progressed with every lesson and all were of a very high standard. Janet's teaching manner gave me great confidence in my ability and made learning to drive a positive and friendly experience. She taught me to drive safely and considerately. Janet's car was a lovely vehicle to drive; comfortable, secure and always clean and tidy. I would highly recommend Janet as an instructor to anyone wanting to learn to drive in Midhurst and the surrounding areas.

George Cruickshank says: "A 5 Star Instructor"
Janet was a 5 star instructor. She was patient, calm and always explained everything very clearly. The Client Centred learning worked brilliantly for me and was a useful tool in motivating me to study and then practice. I enjoyed learning to drive with Janet and was thrilled to pass first time, only 3 months after my 17th birthday. Her car was easy to drive and always felt safe and secure. I would highly recommend Janet and her relaxed and professional approach to teaching was second to none. Thank you Janet.

Jack McKee says: "An easy going but focused Driving Instructor"
I would definitely recommend Janet to anyone who is looking for an easy going but focused driving instructor. I looked forward to lessons because I knew Janet would help me stay relaxed and I wouldn't have the stress of learning to drive. The 'Client Centred Approach' allowed me to improve my confidence as a driver as I could easily try stuff for myself and then improve on it afterwards. This made the manoeuvres much easier to handle because sometimes the 'text book' way of doing it may not work perfectly for you. The car was comfortable and very easy to drive and has a reversing camera which makes some manoeuvres a lot easier. Overall I am very happy we chose Janet.

Joshua Taylor says: "Learning to drive was comfortable and enjoyable."
As an instructor you were very patient and helpful, giving me a say in what I would like to do and practise. This made learning how to drive more comfortable and enjoyable. The Workbook and DVD was helpful to recap what was learnt in the lesson as well as preparing for the next lesson, which helps you learn faster and gain more confidence. I felt I had a lot of the control of what we did in our lessons which allowed me to work on what I felt was needed, as well as Janet's input to what we should do and progress to. The car was always clean and tidy, the car itself is a very good car to learn in as it is a good size. It also is very smooth and generally very comfortable.

Tory Sims-Lloyd says "I strongly recommend you give her a try. 5 Stars!"
I can not recommend 'Pass with Janet' highly enough. She made learning to drive a really relaxed and enjoyable experience for me. Over the years I have had quite a few driving instructors but never managed to pass the test, but as soon as I met Janet during the introductory home visit, I knew this time it was going to be different. At first I was quiet nervous, but her patient, relaxed and friendly teaching approach immediately put me at ease and she quickly built my confidence and driving skills.

Janet's 'client centred approach' was perfect for me. It meant that the content of each lesson was individually tailored to help me achieve my goals. Janet encouraged me to 'just have a go ' and find systems and methods of driving that worked for me and didn't just follow a set script. This kind of individuality and flexibility was ideal when learning manoeuvres, something I had struggled with in the past. Also, having the DVD and work book at home was brilliant, as it allowed me to prepare for each lesson. This ultimately saved me money because we could spend more lesson time driving and less time having to go over the theory.

The car Janet uses is perfectly suited to a learner driver, very comfortable and was always immaculate. Overall, I feel that my lessons with Janet have provided me with the skills and confidence to be a competent and safe driver. She is knowledgeable, patient, friendly and overall a great teacher. I strongly recommend you give her a try. 5 Stars!

Amelia Harrison says: "A Fantastic Driving Instructor"
Choosing to learn to drive with Janet was the best decision I could have made for my driving. From the first phone call right up to my test she kept me calm and relaxed. In every lesson Janet encouraged me and her focus was never on what I was doing wrong but what I was doing right which not only improved my driving but my confidence in my ability as well. She is an outstanding teacher. I enjoyed driving the car, it was the perfect size to learn in. One of the greatest things about Janet's teaching was the Client Centred learning. It suited me perfectly, knowing exactly what I was doing each lesson and being able to use the book and DVD before I did each manoeuvre in particular was really helpful as the theoretical understanding it gave me made each lesson a lot easier. Janet really is a fantastic driving instructor and I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to learn to drive!