Provisional License, Theory and Practical Driving Tests

Before getting behind the wheel, you need to have a PROVISIONAL LICENSE issued by the DVSA. This can be obtained from Gov.UK and costs £34 if done online or £43 if applying by post to DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1AD.



Once you turn 17, you are able to take your THEORY TEST.  This is to test your Highway Code knowledge and Hazard Perception.  
You must pass BOTH parts at the same test date in order to pass the Theory Test.

The Highway Code section has 50 questions which are multiple choice.  You need to get 43 correct in order to pass.  

In the Hazard Perception test (a hazard is something that will cause you, as the driver, to unexpectedly change speed, direction or stop) you will be using a computer and mouse to indicate a developing hazard.

  • The questions are made up of 14 one minute long clips – each video will show one hazard except one, which has two hazards. The faster you spot a hazard the more points you score. The pass mark is 44 out of a possible 75.
  • If you click the mouse too many times – you will see a warning message and receive zero points for that video.

Your Theory test can be booked online or by calling 0300 200 1122. The test costs £23


Once you've passed the Theory Test, you are able to book your Practical Driving Test. The practical test can be done in your own car (it must be correctly insured, be road worthy, display L plates and have an additional rear view mirror provided) or your instructors car.

It is strongly advised that you take guidance from your driving instructor prior to booking the test date to ensure you are at test standard.

The test lasts for approximately 40 minutes and will test your ability to drive safely on a variety of roads - residential, country, town/city and faster roads such as duel carriageways.  You will be required to perform at least one reversing manoeuvre and will drive independently (following road signs without directions from the examiner or following a SatNav) for around 20 minutes.

The Practical Driving Test costs £63 and can be booked online or by calling 0300 200 1122.
If using your South Downs Driving School Instructors car, we would usually book your test for you to ensure no diary clashes etc.  Some driving courses include the cost of the driving test.