30 Hours - Semi-Intensive Course

30 Hours - Semi-Intensive Course

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30 hours of in-car tuition which can be spread over two or more weeks to suit our schedules. Some book 3 hours a day, every day for two weeks whereas others book 2 hours per week for 15 weeks. 

This is the most popular training course as it saves money and allows for a regular structured learning pace.  Please note however that it does not guarantee a pass at the end of 30 hours.

To optimise learning, students are expected to put in additional time with home study from books, internet and private driving practice where possible.

Due to the high demand for driving lessons at the moment as a result of Covid-19 lock downs, please contact us to book to ensure we can accommodate you prior to payment.

Please Note: If you wish to learn intensively over 2-3 weeks with a practical test at the end, it is important that you have passed your theory test and discussed or booked the driving test  BEFORE starting the practical lessons.  This is due to waiting lists at test centres.